Calculation of the copper surcharge

What tell us terms like Copper base and Copper weight?

DEL – German electrolytic copper for purposes of conducting capacity

Cables and conductors are sold at DEL current daily prices for copper. The DEL is the listing for Deutsches Elektrolytkupfer für Leitzwecke (German electrolytic copper for purposes of conducting capacity). It stands for 99,5 % pure copper.

Copper base

The list price of most cables and lines already includes a share of the copper price. It is quoted in € per 100 kgs. Like almost all European cable manufacturing companies Franz Raab GmbH works with a copper base of € 150,00 / 100 kgs for most cables and wires.

Copper weight

The copper weight (the copper value) of a cable or a line is given in kgs.

Copper surcharge

The copper surcharge is the difference between the copper value based on the calculated copper base and the value of the DEL notation of the day. Additional purchasing costs of 1,0 % are added to the notation of the day. The copper surcharge is quoted on our invoices.

Copper surcharge calculation

Formula: Copper surcharge EUR/km=copper weight (kgs/km) x (DEL+1% purchasing costs) – copper base/ 100

MY® 272 Microphone cable LiYDY 2 x 0,22 mm2
Copper weight/km 13,00 kgs
Copper base 150,00 EUR/100 kgs
DEL 550,00 EUR/100 kgs
13 kgs/km x (550,00 EUR + 1%) – 150.00 EUR = 52,72 EUR/km

Calculation tool: Excel file for download
Please enter your values in the three fields of the following Excel file. Clicking on “CALCULATE” you get the copper surcharge value. Please note, that continuous fluctuations in the copper price are possible. Therefore all information is without guarantee.

» Excel file for download