Spiral cables and cords directly from the manufacturer

Our range of services includes the manufacture and processing of flexible standard cables, special purpose cables and customized special cables.

Besides, we have specialised in the production and subsequent treatment of adaptable standard cables, special lines and customized special cables.

Our quality management systemis certified according to theDIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard . » To the certificate

Our production facility is monitored in accordance with the European factory inspection procedure ECS/CIG 021 – 024:2014 (VDE Testing and certification Institute). » To the certificate

Cable Production

Range of Services

Range of Services


Key Element – Our Cable Manufacture


Flexible special lines
Data- and control lines
Industrial cables- and lines
Hybrid- and special lines
Microphone lines MY®
Instrument cables
Audio lines according to AES/EBU
Video lines
Heat resistant lines
Flat lines
Flat round cables
Insulated single conductors
Halogen-free lines
Cable Assemblies:
Yv PVC wire
LiY PVC strand
LiYw PVC strand heat resistant
LifY PVC strand highly flexible
LiYY PVC cable unshielded
LifYY PVC cable unshielded highly flexible
LiYCY PVC cable braid shielded
LiYDY PVC cable coil shielded
LiYALY PVC cable aluminium foil shielded
LiYCYY PVC cable with separate braid shielded cores
LiYDYY PVC cable with separate coil shielded cores
2-LiYY PVC cable twisted pair (TP Twisted Pair)
All designs are also available with the following insulations / sheathing compounds:
2Y PE polyethylene
9Y PP polypropylene
11Y PUR polyurethane
12Y TPEV thermoplastic elastomers
H FRNC halogen-free compounds
Examples of cable assemblies:
Li9Y11Y, Li9YC11Y, Li9YD11Y, Li9YAL11Y, Li9YD11Y11Y, Li2YC11Y11Y
Li11Y11Y, Li11YC11Y, Li11YD11Y, Li11YAL11Y, Li11YD11Y11Y, Li11YC11Y11Y
Li12Y11Y, Li12YC11Y, Li12YD11Y, Li12YAL11Y, Li12YD11Y11Y, Li12YC11Y11Y
Li11YH, Li11YCH, Li11YDH, Li11YALH
Li12YH, Li12YCH, Li12YDH, Li12YALH
Cable design round cable, flat cable and special designs
Conductor cross-section 0,05 mm² to approx. 2,00 mm²
Conductor material flexible and highly flexible copper strands and tinsel wires
copper wires in bare and tinned style
stranded, multiple-stranded, finely stranded and extra finely
stranded conductor constructions according to VDE 0295
Insulation material PVC, PE, PP, PUR, TPE, FRNC and halogen-free plastics
Types of stranding cored, twisted pair and in bundles
Types of shielding coiled shielding and braided shielding out of bare and tinned
copper wires, foil shielding as single- or overall shielding as well as combinations

We can also deliver cables type UL/cUL.

Available types:
Single-conductor, thermoplastic insulation
1007, 1015, 1061, 1569, 10002,10008, 10012, 10042, 10071, 10152, 10335, 10492, 10493, 10553, 10651, 10666, 10954
Multiple-conductor, thermoplastic insulation
2461, 2464, 2516, 2517, 2532, 2587, 2651, 20233, 20234,20235, 20236, 20549, 20554, 20563, 20939, 21198, 21223, 21250, 21251, 21392

Cable Assembly

Assembled lines according to the customer`s demands

We offer an extensive product range from single core assembly over assembled lines, device-specific connecting cables to the production of complex assemblies and connector units like assembled motor and encoder lines. Of course we also process customer provided cable material.

Typical processing steps:
cutting, stripping, stripping insulation and tinning, processing of cores and shielding, soldering, contacting, crimping contacts, pressing, crimping, piercing technology, assembly of sleeves, assembly of plugs and couplings of all types.

We process all standard joining elements with soldering-, screwing-, crimping-, cutting-, clamping- and piercing technology, such as:

Audio-/Video-Plug connections:
DIN-connectors (pin and female headers)
Clamp- and jack-connectors
PCB connectors (solder lugs, socket strips)
Crimp-connectors (flat plugs, flat plug sleeves)
Round plug connectors
Telephone plugs (Western-Modular-Plug)
Sub-D-Plug connections
Signal- and power-connectors for industrial application

Spiral cables and coiled cables

A core competence of our cable assembly

We have profound knowledge in the manufacture of spiral cables and coiled lines.

By means of a special manufacturing process the cables are brought into spiraled shape. Our PVC-, TPE- and PUR-spiral cables and spiral lines can be used for maximum mechanical stress.

Depending on their intended use the spiral lines are designed and produced according to the customer`s individual requirements and specifications. Different dimensions and designs are possible.

We provide spiral blanks for further processing in your plant or completely processed units including plugs and connection hardware according to your requirements. Of course we also process cable material provided by the customer.